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Current Opportunities for Freelance Experts

This page provides an overview of the current opportunities on projects run by MWH. For all information on the projects we have won recently or other practical information on all things related to working with us as an Expert, please visit the Independent Consultants page. If you are interested in working at MWH, please visit the Careers page.

Team Leader – EU-Canada Policy Dialogues Support Facility, DL: 15 May

Opportunity for a team leader to take responsibility for the overall implementation, monitoring and quality of the EU-Canada Policy Dialogues Support Facility, of which the goal is to support the policy dialogue between the EU and Canada on issues of common concern. The project will provide the preparation of social impact surveys and polls, the organization of events like conferences, seminars, workshops, mutual technical visits and other exchange activities and press conferences within the scope of the dialogues and will also provide specialized technical assistance to relevant stakeholders. Moreover, it will support the exchanges between Canada and EU stakeholders, experts and civil society and will enhance the monitoring, communication and visibility tools.

PPRD East Programme Phase 2 (PPRD East 2) Senior Information Technology Expert, DL: Immediately

The PPRD East Programme Phase 2 (PPRD East 2) has been conceived as a natural continuation of the PPRD East Programme (2010-2014). This second phase of the EU Flagship Initiative started on December 1, 2104 with an overall budget of EUR 5.5 M. The PPRD East 2 will be implemented in six countries of the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) and aims at up taking the results and accomplishments of the Phase I focusing on further development of the national institutional and regulatory framework with an emphasis on Acquis Communautaire and EU Civil Protection policies, on civil protection and disaster risk management capacity building, on enhancement of the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas and on further awareness-raising activities aiming to prevent risks and accidents, natural and man-made.

Objective of the assignment:

Building upon the achievements of the PPRD East Programme Phase I and in particular on the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas (ERRA) and on the basis of the activities conducted so far within the PPRD East 2 Programme with regard to ERRA (and as reported previously in this document), the expert will, in close coordination with the Team Leader and the ERRA and Data & Information Non-Key Expert, contribute to the fulfilment of the subtasks defined under the Result C1 with specific attention to the full functioning and further improvement of ERRA.

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Advisor (m/f) for the mitigation/support to NDC activities of the Global Climate Change Alliance + EU – Support Facility

The EU funded Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA/GCCA+) flagship has served as a platform for dialogue, exchange, and practical cooperation since 2008.To ensure progress towards its mission to address the challenges of global poverty and climate change GCCA+ is based on two mutually reinforcing pillars: On one hand, it acts as a platform for policy dialogue and knowledge exchange, fostering the transfer of experiences and lessons learned on climate change at the global, regional and national level between the European Union and developing countries. On the other hand, it provides a source of technical and financial support to assist in the implementation of climate-related country or regional programmes. This support is concentrated under the following priority areas: mainstreaming climate change into poverty reduction and development efforts, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and disaster risk reduction. Partner countries, under this second pillar, are also supported in their efforts to develop and implement Nationally Determined Contributions submitted in the framework of the Paris Agreement and UNFCCC.

Objective of the assignment:

In this advisory role you will be the main counterpart of the European Commission, responsible for ensuring that high quality deliverables are provided by the Facility. Tasks will include:

  • Performing advisory tasks, in-country technical assistance, and coordination tasks which will include, inter alia, the provision of quality support and technical assistance services (remote assistance and/or field-missions);
  • Providing the strategic vision of the assignment in relation to how the GCCA+ initiative will support national efforts to develop and implement the NDC under the Paris Agreement and UNFCCC framework, in line with the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs.
  • Supervising and coordinating the input of two additional key experts and short-term non-key experts as required;
  • Advising on the identification and implementation of activities in relation to the GCCA+ activities, aimed at integration of mitigation/NDC support aspect into the global support facility mandate and services.

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