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MWH works with a great network of international experts and independent consultants. Our goal: to provide the perfect mix of experience and expertise for each project. Our Recruitment Department is dedicated to bringing together the best experts worldwide for the various international projects MWH bids for and is awarded. The profiles mostly required are in the fields of water and water engineering, natural resources, civil engineering, energy and renewable energy, and climate change.

We also recruit in the diverse fields of procurement, support to NAO, capacity building, communication and media, finance and administration, gender and more.

Interested? Please, do not hesitate to provide your updated CV using the registration tool in our expert database or contact the members of the team. If you are interested in working at MWH, please visit our Careers page.

Vanille Storm

Vanille Storm

Recruitment Manager

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Consultancy Opportunities

Internship - Office and Documentation Manager EUROCLIMA+ Secretariat, DL: 4 October

EUROCLIMA+ is the new Climate Change cooperation program between the European Union with and Latin America. The objective of the Program is to contribute to environmental sustainability and climate change resistant development in Latin America. In particular, EUROCLIMA+ supports countries in the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement. The EUROCLIMA+ Secretariat premises based in Brussels supports the day-to-day management of the Program.

The office and documentation manager will ensure the efficient functioning of the office and support the team (7-10 persons) when needed.

6 months internship – starting in October


Expert Principal 2: Spécialiste en suivi évaluation - Burkina Faso DL: 15 sept 2017

Assistance technique auprès du Ministère de l’Eau et de l’Assainissement pour la mise en œuvre de la politique sectorielle “Eau et Assainissement”, Burkina Faso, PIN 11ème FED

L’objectif de l’assistance technique et d’appuyer le Ministère de l’eau et de l’assainissement(MEA) et ses structures dans la mise en œuvre des programmes opérationnels de la Politique Nationale de l’EAU (PNE)

L’assistance technique devra accompagner le MEA dans :

  • le processus de réformes institutionnelles et organisationnelles du secteur de l’eau et de l’assainissement
  • l’opérationnalisation et la consolidation du dispositif de suivi-évaluation de la politique national de l’eau(PNE), le développement des statiques sectorielles ; la prise en compte des aspects transversaux de la PNE.
  • la mise en œuvre des programmes opérationnels de la PNE par la fourniture d’appui techniques selon les besoins qui seront exprimés par le MEA.

EP2 Spécialiste en suivi évaluation. – Burkina Faso – DL: 15 sept

Expert Principal 1: Chef d'équipe Spécialiste en développement organisationnel et institutionnel - Burkina Faso DL: 15 sept17

Appui au MEA dans la politique nationale sectorielle de l’Eau

EP1 chef d’équipe Burkina Faso

LIFE Evaluation of proposals

Objectives of the project:

The European Commission annually receives over 1,000 proposals for projects with European added value in the field of nature and biodiversity, environment, resource efficiency as well as climate action. MWH provides assistance and technical support in order to ensure a fully independent, fair and transparent evaluation process for these proposals submitted under the LIFE annual calls for action grants (all thematic areas) and operating grants for European Environmental NGOs.

Specific tasks for which MWH is responsible, are:

  • Constitution and management of expert groups for each thematic area
  • Evaluation and revision of LIFE action grant proposals in all thematic areas
  • Evaluation and revision of LIFE NGOs’ operating grant proposals
  • Assessment of Integrated Projects and Technical Assistance Proposals

Awarded Contracts

Technical support facility for the implementation and management of European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) cross-border cooperation (CBC) programmes

Project to provide technical support to the implementation and management of the 16 ENI CBC Programmes. The ENI CBC extends the principles of cross-border co-operation among Member States within the EU, which is part of the European Territorial Co-operation (ETC), to CBC between Member States and Partner countries in the European Neighbourhood.

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Readiness for Investment in Sustainable Energy (RISE)

This project  is a suite of indicators that assesses the legal and regulatory environment for investment in sustainable energy. It establishes a framework for better depicting the national enabling environment to attract investments into sustainable energy.

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Consultancy services for the Seychelles Integrated and Comprehensive Sanitation Master Plan

The Seychelles Integrated Comprehensive Sanitation Master Plan (ICSMP) intends to promote innovative and alternative approaches to sanitation within the general framework of the urban planning on the three main islands of the archipelago Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

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Mainstreaming of Environmental Sustainability, including Biodiversity, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

Project aimed at reinforcing the capacity of Djibouti to actively answer the climate change challenges and improve climate governance by the integration of climate change in several key sectorial policies and by the implementation of projects mentioned in the priorities sectors of the NAPA.

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OPEN Neighbourhood

The project ‘OPEN Neighbourhood – Communicating for a stronger partnership: connecting with citizens across the Southern Neighbourhood’ (CSP South project) is one of the three projects to be implemented as part of the Regional Communication Programme ‘OPEN Neighbourhood: opportunities, participation, engagement and networking with people from the southern Neighbourhood area.

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Opportunities at MWH

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