Location Seoul, South Korea
Expert profile Key Expert 2 Sustainable Urban Development Expert
Assignment duration  36 Months (Part Time: Total of 330 WD)
Funding  EU
Deadline for application  15 July 2017

Objectives of the project:

This Action focuses on strengthening networking, dialogue and cooperation among key climate change stakeholders within the RoK and between the RoK and the EU.
The project is designed in such a way, as to streamline the information and knowledge exchange in the key climate related fields through the EU-RoK Joint Platform on Low Carbon Economy (hereafter referred to also as the Joint Platform). The Joint Platform will establish links with all identified key stakeholder groups to ensure their support for the Platform’s aims and activities.

Key expert 2: Sustainable Urban Development Expert
The Key expert 2 shall fulfil the following minimum requirements in the absence of which the offer will be rejected:
Qualifications and skills
 University degree in a discipline relevant to the scope of the assignment, such as environmental studies/ resource and environmental management/ climate change/ sustainable urban development/ low carbon development/ environmental economics or equivalent professional experience of at least three years on the top of the minimum specific professional experience of 3 years.
 Fluency in English and Korean
General professional experience
 Experience of working in the Republic of Korea in the fields covered by the project.
Specific professional experience
 Minimum 3 years of proven post-degree professional experience through activities and/or projects/programmes in building up and maintaining cooperation between sub-national entities (i.e. local authorities).
In addition to the minimum requirements described above, the following qualities and experience are considered desirable. The following qualities and experience will not form the basis for the rejection of an offer but will be used to further assess the strengths of the Key expert 2 that meets the minimum requirements:

Qualifications and skills
 Proven communication and negotiation skills, as well as drafting skills
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 Thorough knowledge of the EU city networks and their actions
Specific professional experience
 Experience in designing projects in the fields of sustainable urban development, climate action and/or sustainable energy.
 Experience in developing policies and/or strategies for transition to a Low Carbon Economy/Green Urban Development.
 Demonstrated experience in multi-national projects relevant to this Project scope during the previous 5 years.

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