PPRD East 2 Programme

Strengthening Eastern Partnerships countries’ resilience, preparedness and response to manmade and disasters caused by natural hazards
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PPRD East 2 is the second phase of the Programme for Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, also known as the Eastern Partnership countries. By strengthening the countries’ disaster risk management, this EU-funded Flagship Initiative aims to contribute to the stability, security and prosperity of the countries and to protect the environment, population, cultural heritage, resources and infrastructure of the region. Consortium partners are two leading European civil protection agencies: the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) and Crisis Management Centre Finland (CMC Finland), together with the Austrian Red Cross and scientific research organization CIMA Research Foundation.


In the second phase of the Programme, which initially started in 2010, the focus is on the further development of the capacities for disaster prevention, preparedness and response and on strengthening regional cooperation. Information dissemination and awareness raising is aiming to improve knowledge and understanding of risk exposure, preparedness and response capacities in the region. The activities that MWH and the consortium partners organise during implementation include also capacity building events such as training workshops, seminars, study visits, table-top simulations and the full scale field exercise.

The Programme is also upgrading the ERRA system (Electronic Regional Risk Atlas) in all Partner Countries, and providing support to all Partner Countries for the approximation of their legal and institutional frameworks to EU legislation and good practices in the area of civil protection and disaster risk management.

Yerevan, Armenia

Baku, Azerbaijan

Minsk, Belarus

Tbilisi, Georgia

Chisinau, Moldova

Kiev, Ukraine


The six beneficiary countries are part of the EU Neighbourhood and in this context have worked with the EU to improve legislation, policies and strategies, but they do not have so far horizontal policies or strategies to simultaneously address prevention of disasters caused by natural hazards, adaptation to climate change and development of their civil protection capacities.

As extreme natural phenomena, such as flooding, forest fires and earthquakes, can be observed in the entire region more frequently over the last decades, the countries benefit greatly from a joint approach. All of the countries involved do demonstrate a true commitment for an increased regional cooperation and being closer to the Union Civil Protection mechanisms.

countries, working together at regional level

events organised in 2015

participants attended the events of 2015

Solutions & Results

Phase 2 of the Programme, which runs from December 2014 until November 2018, builds on the achievements of Phase 1 and focuses the efforts on:

  • approximation of the Partner Countries’ legal and institutional frameworks to EU legislation and good practices in the area of civil protection and disaster risk management,
  • strengthening civil protection capacities of Partner Countries through joint trainings and exercises,
  • further development and putting in practical use the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas, and
  • raising awareness about disasters.

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